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Stress Management

svc-3-140When an individual is exposed to a stressful stimulus, they may react in many ways. The actual physiological response frequently prompted by this stressful stimulus is known as, “fight or flight.” Stress management involves the teaching of various effective techniques & therapies geared toward controlling perceived/experienced levels of stress. Through the learning of such techniques, the individual becomes equipped w/ personalized effective coping mechanisms to increase one’s overall quality of life. People have significantly more control over how they experience and react to stressful situations than they give themselves credit.

svc-4-140Mind/Body Wellness

As our minds and bodies are connected, emotional pain can cause physical pain and vice versa. Learning how to lesson or deal with pain leads to happier, healthier lives.

svc-2-140Sleep Hygiene

Poor sleep habits can develop over a period of time and are often a result of a hectic day. Breaking these habits will help you return to and maintain a regular sleep pattern.

svc-7-140Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders can be extremely serious. Untreated anxiety can lead to ruined relationships, lost jobs, and/or deep depression. It’s important to seek treatment right away to prevent further consequences.


Depression is a common, but serious illness. Long term extreme sadness causes pain to you and your loved ones. Depression is the strongest risk factor for suicide, so it’s vital to seek help if you think you may be depressed.

svc-5-140Mourning and Loss

The loss of a family member, friend or even a pet can be difficult to accept. There are different stages of mourning and everyone deals with them differently. Working through the pain sooner rather than later will help you to move on.


Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of someone or something that you love. It’s important to learn how to cope with the grief so it doesn’t interfere with your daily lifestyle.


svc-6-140Medical/Health Psychology

(Adjustment to physical injury, illness, & disability)- Serious illness, injury, or disability is life changing in many ways and requires a great deal of adjustment. Learning how to handle the emotional aspects can help you through the process.


Mindfulness allows us to accept what is happening for what it is instead of trying to change it. Learning how to achieve mindfulness gives us the ability to enjoy our lives without constantly trying to fix them.