Teletherapy Services Available
to DC and Maryland Residents

Dr Ellyn Turer Psychologist DCDr. Ellyn L. Turer is a LICENSED Psychologist, serving Washington DC (District of Columbia), Maryland (MD) and specializing in total mind and body health. She is particularly interested in working with individuals and their loved ones coping with the emotional and mental ramifications of physical illness and injury.

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specialties as well as office location and contact information.

With an Office Location on DuPont Circle, Washington D.C.,
Dr. Ellyn L. Turer Specializes in:

  • Stress Management
  • Mind/Body Wellness
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Mourning and Loss
  • Grief
  • Medical/Health Psychology
  • Mindfulness/Meditation

Now serving patients in Maryland!

Psychology Articles & Other News

  • Dr. Turer’s Non-Negotiables for Happiness & Balance (10/31/2018) - By Dr. Ellyn Turer -- October 22, 2018 -- There are 5 actionable & non-negotiable things I believe everyone can do to start feeling happier today. I call them non-negotiables because there is no negotiating out of doing them. I have been both actively pursuing and fascinated with happiness and balance for… ...Read More
  • A Three-Year-Old’s Wisdom (1/30/2015) - February 2015---Several weeks ago, I gave a talk to parents of obese children on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Approximately 25 minutes into the talk a sweet 3-year-old girl with medium-brown hair in pigtails quietly walked into the room and took a seat next to her mother. Moments prior… ...Read More
  • The Mind Body Minute with Dr. Ellyn L. Turer (1/14/2015) - January, 2015 -- STRESS. A word in which we are all too familiar. It seems as if the pace of our society becomes quicker with each passing moment, ultimately causing each of us to experience unnaturally high levels of stress on a regular basis. Routine exposure to such high levels… ...Read More
  • Soothe Your Mind to Heal Your Body (10/31/2014) - November 16, 2014 -- By Dr. Ellyn L. Turer, Psy.D. -- I obtained a doctorate in clinical psychology to work with individuals diagnosed with an illness or injury as well as their families to help cope with the emotional/mental ramifications of having an illness/injury or being involved with such an individual.… ...Read More